Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs)

AVCs are a great way to boost your pension

  • You are in control - you can choose how much to pay and when to pay. 
  • Make your own choices - you can choose how your retirement savings are invested for your retirement. 
  • Maximise your savings - the contributions you make will benefit from tax relief so for every £1 you put into your AVCs, the cost to you is only 69p (if you pay through SMART).  Higher rate tax payers would currently receive more tax relief.
  • No hassle - AVCs are deducted directly from your pay so you do not need to worry about arranging payment.

You can find out more by downloading the AVC Guide below.

Information about AVC investment performance can be found here.

You can also use the Net Pay Calculator to see the cost to you of paying AVCs.

New to AVCs or want to change the amount you are currently paying?

If you do not currently pay AVCs and would like to start paying AVCs, please complete the Starting AVCs Form.

If you currently pay AVCs and would like to change your monthly contribution amount, please complete the AVC Contribution Change Form.

If you would like to change the way your AVCs are invested, please complete the AVC Investment Switch Form. 

Taking your AVCs

If you are interested in taking cash from your AVCs, you may wish to read the "Taking Cash from AVCs" Information Sheet.

The Money Advice Service Guide "Your Pension - it's time to choose" can also be downloaded below.

Last updated: 1 February 2018 


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pdfAVC Guide - July 2018 329.89KB 12th July 2018 Download
pdfAVC Starting AVCs form (October 2018) 107.09KB 3rd October 2018 Download
pdfAVC Contribution change form (October 2018) 116.17KB 3rd October 2018 Download
pdfAVC Investment switch form (October 2018) 111.25KB 3rd October 2018 Download
pdfTaking Cash from AVCs Guide - April 2017 250.64KB 19th April 2017 Download
pdfMoney Advice Service Guide - Your pension it's time to choose - April 2017 531.51KB 5th May 2017 Download
pdfGuidance Note - Timescales for investing your AVCs - July 2018 52.71KB 13th July 2018 Download