Planning to retire

Are you thinking of retiring soon?

Retiring is a life changing decision.  You should take time to understand your pension entitlement to ensure that you have enough money to enjoy your retirement. 

Take time to plan your retirement...

Step 1 - Understand what your benefit entitlement is worth

Although active members receive a Benefits Statement every year which gives an estimate of your benefit entitlement, we strongly recommend that if you are seriously considering retiring, you obtain a Retirement Quotation.

Take time to understand your entitlement and consider whether you need to take steps to save more.  Pensionline allows you to model what your entitlement will be at your chosen retirement date.

Step 2 - Understand what you need to do to draw your pension

When you are planning to retire there are a number of options you will need to think about and decisions you will need to make.

Step 3 - Enjoy your retirement... 

Each year the Pensions Administrator, Aon Hewitt, will write to you to let you know if your pension will increase.

Keep the Pensions Administrator, Aon Hewitt, informed of any change of circumstances such as if you move house.

Use the "Retirement - What to Expect Guide" to help you plan for retirement.

For further details on the benefits available from the Scheme, visit the Pensionline website.


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