intouch is a newsletter issued to members of the Leonardo Helicopters Pension Scheme. You can view the previous editions below.

Last updated: 7 December 2016


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pdf32. Intouch Autumn 2018 4.79MB 3rd October 2018 Download
pdf31. Intouch Winter 2017 4.17MB 20th December 2017 Download
pdf30. Intouch Summer 2017 4.99MB 21st August 2017 Download
pdf29 Intouch Winter 2016 603.00KB 7th December 2016 Download
pdf28. Intouch Spring 2016 1.55MB 10th March 2016 Download
pdf27. intouch Autumn 2105 1.07MB 9th December 2015 Download
pdf26. Intouch Summer 2015 1.45MB 16th July 2015 Download
pdf25. intouch Autumn 2014 591.66KB 16th December 2014 Download
pdf24 Intouch Summer 2014 (v2) 456.93KB 14th October 2014 Download
pdf23. Intouch April 2014 2.10MB 29th April 2014 Download
pdf22. Intouch December 2013 2.86MB 19th December 2013 Download
pdf21. Intouch August 2013 382.66KB 15th August 2013 Download
pdf21a. Intouch AVC supplement August 2013 362.78KB 15th August 2013 Download
pdf20. intouch April 2013 4.69MB 30th April 2013 Download
pdf19 Intouch Autumn 2012 (v2) 2.43MB 14th October 2014 Download
pdf18. intouch July 2012 2.05MB 31st July 2012 Download
pdf17. Intouch February 2012 3.37MB 15th February 2012 Download
pdf16. intouch July 2011 1.40MB 26th July 2011 Download
pdf15 Intouch Spring 2011 (v2) 1.01MB 14th October 2014 Download
pdf14 Intouch October 2010 (v2) 1.82MB 14th October 2014 Download
pdf13. Intouch Autumn 2009 898.97KB 14th July 2010 Download
pdf12. intouch March 2009 156.46KB 14th July 2010 Download
pdf11. intouch October 2008 508.31KB 14th July 2010 Download
pdf10. intouch April 2008 502.21KB 14th July 2010 Download
pdf9. intouch October 2007 546.99KB 14th July 2010 Download
pdf8. intouch August 2007 229.09KB 14th July 2010 Download
pdf7. intouch November 2006 630.13KB 14th July 2010 Download
pdf6. intouch April 2006 99.69KB 14th July 2010 Download
pdf5. intouch October 2005 636.31KB 14th July 2010 Download
pdf4. intouch April 2005 250.45KB 14th July 2010 Download
pdf3. intouch November 2004 1.67MB 15th July 2010 Download
pdf2. intouch June 2004 736.62KB 14th July 2010 Download
pdf1. intouch December 2003 261.43KB 14th July 2010 Download