Net Pay Calculator

Our 2018/19 Net Pay Calculator shows you the net cost of your pension contributions.  You can download the calculator below.

It shows you:

  • how much income tax relief you receive; and 
  • how much National Insurance you save by participating in smart.

You can use it to see the real cost to you of participating in Buy Up or saving through AVCs.

For example, a member whose salary is £25,000 a year could put £100 per month in AVCs.  The net cost to the member is £68.  That means, if the member had opted to take that £100 in his pay rather than put it in AVCs, he would only have received £68 because income tax and National Insurance contributions would have been deducted.  By giving up £68 he is adding £100 to his pension pot.


Your 2018/19 contribution rates will be:

Accrual rate Contribution rate
1/75th 9.25%
1/70th 10.95%
1/65th 13.05%

If you would like to compare the cost of your 2017/18 contributions to the 2018/19 rates please see the 2017/18 net pay calculator below.


19 January 2018


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