Pensions Workshops

We run regular workshops for active members of the Scheme:

Session Format Target audience Course content Upcoming dates
Pensions - back to basics 1 hour session For those who don't understand pensions as much as they would like to Explore the meaning of retirement and the different types of pensions available in the UK.  Look at the key features of the Scheme.  Introduction to the resources available to help you understand your AW pension.


Pension planning for all ages 1 hour session All ages Overview of pension planning in general, including setting your retirement goal, State pensions and a look at resources available on the internet.  Information about interpreting benefit statements and using the Scheme website and modellers. discussion of the decisions that need to be made during membership, including an overview of how to increase your pension.



Pension planning for those nearing retirement 1 hour session About 5 years from target retirement date

Recap on setting your retirement goals and saving more (covered in Pension Planning for all ages).  Detailed discussion of the decisions that you will need to make at retirement.  Information about the retirement process.

You should attend the "Pension planning for all ages" workshop before attending this workshop. 



Combined pension planning (all ages and those nearing retirement) 1.5 hour session About 5 years from target retirement date

This extended session combines Pension Planning for all ages and Pension Planning for those nearing retirement.





AVC savers 1 hour session AVCs savers and those thinking about becoming an AVC saver  Introduction to the new AVC investments and AVC modeller pages on Pensionline.  Guidance on assessing your situation and selecting appropriate investments.  Discussion about how to use your AVC fund at retirement.


To be added to the waiting list for a course, please visit the Pensions Department in Building 231 West Wing ground floor (between 11 and 3), call ext.5353 or email  You will be contacted when additional courses have been arranged.

These workshops will be held in building 247 on the Yeovil site.  Spaces are limited and attendance will be on a first come, first served basis.  

Last updated:  January 2018