Pension Increase Exchange (PIE) Offer

This page contains all information shared as part of the Pension Increase Exchange (PIE) offer.

Leonardo Helicopters is making an offer to the Scheme's pensioners, which involves exchanging some of your future annual pensions increases for a one-off increase (or uplift) to your pension. 

The first tranche of pensioners were contacted during 2016.  The second tranche were contacted during 2017.  There will be a further tranche in due course. 

Attached to this page are the following documents which were sent to pensioners in the second tranche of this offer:  

  • Introductory Leaflet
  • Presentation Invitation
  • Explantory Booklet

Click here to access the PIE Modeller which was designed to allow you to explore the impact of accepting the offer.  You will need to input the data on your Personal Illustration (which was posted to pensioners in the second tranche of this offer in August 2017).

23 August 2017


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Download all files in a single zip file
File Size Uploaded Link
pdfPIE Introductory Leaflet 809.77KB 23rd August 2017 Download
pdfPIE Presentation Invitation 297.02KB 23rd August 2017 Download
pdfPIE Explanatory Booklet - August 2017 3.72MB 29th August 2017 Download