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Wishes Letter

The Scheme provides valuable life cover for members.  Help the Trustees decide who should receive any lump sum benefits payable if you die by keeping your Wishes Letter up to date.  This is particularly important if you are not married to your partner or your family situation changes. 

 AVC forms  

 If you do not currently pay AVCs and would like to start paying AVCs, please complete the Starting AVCs Form.

If you currently pay AVCs and would like to change your monthly contribution amount, please complete the AVC Contribution Change Form.

If you would like to change the way your AVCs are invested, please complete the AVC Investment Switch Form. 

For further information about AVCs, visit the AVC page.

Last updated: January 2018 


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pdfAVC Starting AVCs form (October 2018) 107.09KB 3rd October 2018 Download
pdfAVC Contribution change form (October 2018) 116.17KB 3rd October 2018 Download
pdfAVC Investment switch form (October 2018) 111.25KB 3rd October 2018 Download