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Guide/information sheet Contents
Smart Guide Explains about contributing to the pension through "smart" 
AVC Guide Explains about AVCs
Retiring - What to Expect Guide Explains the options you have at retirement and the retirement process
Divorce - What to Expect Guide Explains how your pension is taken into account upon divorce
Leaving the Company - What to Expect Guide Explains what happens to your pension benefits upon leaving the Company
'Buy Up' Guide Explains how you can increase your benefits by 'buying up'
Supplement Guide Explains your options at retirement relating to the supplement
Annual Allowance factsheet Explains the HMRC Annual Allowance
Lifetime Allowance factsheet Explains the HMRC Lifetime Allowance
Taking Cash from AVCs Information Sheet Explains how you can take cash from AVCs using the 2015 legislation relating to Uncrystallised Funds Pension Lump Sums (UFPLS)
Timescales for Investing your AVCs Explains the processes and timescales for investing your AVCs once they are deducted from your salary.


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Last updated: 1 February 2018


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pdfSmart Guide - July 2018 139.52KB 12th July 2018 Download
pdfAVC Guide - December 2018 357.01KB 6th December 2018 Download
pdfRetiring - What to Expect Guide - October 2018 221.45KB 25th October 2018 Download
pdfDivorce - What to Expect Guide - August 2018 118.24KB 29th August 2018 Download
pdfLeaving the Company - What to Expect Guide - August 2018 116.61KB 29th August 2018 Download
pdfBuy Up Guide (January 2018) 123.20KB 19th January 2018 Download
pdfSupplement Guide - January 2019 633.75KB 9th January 2019 Download
pdfAnnual Allowance Factsheet - July 2018 134.14KB 13th July 2018 Download
pdfLifetime Allowance Guide - April 2018 227.95KB 3rd May 2018 Download
pdfTaking Cash from AVCs Guide - February 2018 120.48KB 21st February 2018 Download
pdfGuidance Note - Timescales for investing your AVCs - July 2018 52.71KB 13th July 2018 Download