Your benefits

Do you know what benefits the Scheme provides?

The Scheme offers more than just a pension for life.  Life cover and pensions for your dependants are also provided. 

Take time to understand your entitlement...

Step 1 - Understand the benefit package which the Scheme provides for you

The Scheme offers a comprehensive benefits package for you and your family which is explained in more detail in Overview of benefits.

Step 2 - Understand what you are currently entitled to 

We are working with the new Scheme Administrator, PSAL, to give you online access to your Scheme records through PSAL's online tool called Members will be sent login details when this tool is ready to launch.

Step 3 - Keep up to date with your entitlement... 

Each year the Scheme will provide a Benefits Statement to active (contributing) members giving you an estimate of your benefit entitlement.

Your personal circumstances might change and this might affect your entitlement.  Keep the Scheme informed of any changes to your personal circumstances

For further details on your benefits available from the Scheme, please contact PSAL.