Death benefits

Support for your family in difficult times. 

In the event of your death before you start taking your benefits, a refund of your contributions will be payable, and a spouse’s pension may also be payable to your spouse.

In the event of your death as a Scheme pensioner, a spouse’s pension is payable to your spouse. If you don’t leave a spouse and you die within five years of starting your pension, a lump sum equal to the remaining pension payments in that five-year period is payable to your beneficiaries.

Expression of wish

It’s a good idea to complete an Expression of wish form every couple of years which reflects your current circumstances, particularly if you get married or divorced, enter or leave a civil partnership or have a child.

The Expression of wish lets the Trustee know how you would like any benefits due from the Scheme to be paid in the event of your death. While this is not binding, it will be considered by the Trustee when deciding who to pay benefits to.