Pensions council

The Pensions Council represents members’ interests. 

It’s made up of eight trade union representatives, four employee representatives and four Company representatives. They meet regularly to review pension issues.

The Company will put any changes to the Pensions Council and the Pensions Council can make recommendations to the Company. This is also the forum where the Company and trade unions agree the process for selecting new member-nominated Trustees.

The Trustee board doesn’t take part in any negotiations between the Company and employees. It meets with the Pensions Council once a year to present the Annual Report and Accounts and answer any questions about the Scheme.

The trade union and employee members of the Pensions Council are:

  • Martin Bailey
  • John Bartlett
  • Ben Clarke
  • Carla Fina
  • Mark Lambden
  • Len Watkins
  • Richard M Webber
  • Nicholas Pilato
  • Shaun Kitto